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    Power Window Motor (Proton Wira) Right

    You can consider to build mobile robot with power window as the actuator.

    • For Arduino lovers, you can utilize 10A shield to drive this motor.
    • For normal control, try MD10C (single channel) or MDD10A (dual channels).
    • For RC (Radio Control) lovers, check out the MDDS10, smart drive dual-channel .


    • For right side of car door
    • Voltage Rating: 12VDC
    • No load Speed: 85 ± 15RPM
    • Rated Speed: 60 ± 15RPM
    • Current (No Load): <5A
    • Rated Current (Load): <15A
    • Stall Current (Locked): <28A at 12V
    • Rated Torque: (2.9N.m)
    • Stall Torque (Locked): 100 ± (~10N.m)
    • Compatible motor driver:
    • Motor dimension (w x l x h) : ~161.2mm x 30.3mm x105.5 mm,
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