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HG7881 4 Channel Stepper Motor Shield for arduino

Motor drive module comes with its own four HG7881 chip.
Can drive 4 DC motors, or two 4-wire 2-phase stepping motor.

Module supply voltage: 2.5-12V
Suitable for the motor range: motor operating voltage 2.5V-12V
0.8A maximum operating current
Size: 49mm x 36mm
Color: Blue


1 x HG7881 4-Channel DC Stepper Motor Driver Controller Board for Arduino

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8 Channel Servo Controller

This product offers reliable yet user-friendly RC Servo motor controller to hobbyist and students. This SC08A can control 8 channels of servo simultaneously. The advantages of this SC08A over SC16A are user is able to deactivate any servo channel at any time and user can even set the initial position of any channel at the next start up. Each servo signal pin is able to generate servo pulses from 0.5 ms to 2.5 ms, which is greater than the range of most servos, further allows for servos to operate 180 degrees. SC08A comes with small size and different protocol compares to SC16A.Through serial communication, SC08A can be daisy chain in 2 boards to offer independent control over 16 RC servo motors simultaneously. The host of SC08A can either be a PC desktop/Laptop with USB to serial(UART) converter, or microcontroller with UART interface. UART interface present a flexible, fast and easy to use a feature.

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[Cytron] 10Amp DC Motor Driver

MD10C is a newer version of the MD10B which is designed to drive high current brushed DC motor up to 10A 13A continuously.  It offers several enhancements over the MD10B such as support for both locked-antiphase and sign-magnitude PWM signal as well as using full solid state components which result in faster response time and eliminate the wear and tear of the mechanical relay.

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[Cytron] Dual Channel 10A DC Motor Driver

MDD10A is the dual channel version of MD10C which is designed to drive 2 brushed DC motor with high current up to 10A continuously. Like MD10C, MDD10A also supports locked-antiphase and sign-magnitude PWM signal. It is using full solid state components that result in faster response time and eliminate the wear and tear of the mechanical relay.

**Note that it is not for "RC PWM" 


  • Bi-directional control for 2 brushed DC motor.
  • Support motor voltage ranges from 5V to 30V (Rev2.0).
  • Maximum current up to 10A continuous and 30A peak (10 second) for each channel.
  • Solid state components provide faster response time and eliminate the wear and tear of mechanical relay.
  • Fully NMOS H-Bridge for better efficiency and no heat sink is required.
  • Speed control PWM frequency up to 20KHz. Support both locked-antiphase and sign-magnitude PWM operation.
  • 2 activation buttons for fast test on each channel.
  • Dimension: 84.5mm x 62mm
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[Cytron] ESPresso Lite V2.0
* IoT Starter Kit with ESPresso Lite is available here, you get everything for you to kickstart.

ESPresso Lite V2.0 is the first low-cost Arduino-compatible ESP8266 WiFi development board to be manufactured in Malaysia. Working together with ESPert, a Singapore IoT technology company, this board allows anyone to learn, experiment and build their IoT projects easily and quickly.

Cytron Technologies as the manufacturing partner is excited to announce the design of V2.0 is finalized and the pre-launch promotion is also ended. 1st batch of ESPresso Lite has been shipped out to customer early of March 2016.
The core hardware inside ESPresso Lite V2.0 is Espressif System's ESP8266 WROOM-02 WiFi module and is programable using the Arduino IDE like how anyone would run their programs in other Arduino boards.
ESPresso Lite V2.0 comes in a kit, with extra headers. You will have to fire up soldering station to solder some of the headers. Not to forget we recommend getting UC00A for USB to UART which you need to load program and future debugging purpose.
ESPert is working hard to prepare the tutorial to kick start your first IoT project with ESPresso Lite, please refer to the this tutorial to get started.
Please do visit for more information about this product.
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[Cytron] Stepper Driver 2 Ampere
SD02C is designed to drive unipolar or bipolar stepper motor, up to 2Amp peak. The board incorporates most of the components for typical stepper motor applications.
Stepper motors are famous about machine builders. Most of CNC, 3D printer and servo uses stepper motor due to its stepping and torque properties. But the control is not as easy as DC brush motor where you can simply apply power to it. The stepper motor will require a correct sequence of the drive to rotate it.
With SD02C, you just need a minimum interface, the board is ready to be Plug and Use. Simply add in power and a stepper motor, this driver is ready to drive the motor. The on board test button will help to verify the connection. Pressing the button will drive the stepper motor in a direction with medium speed.
Besides accepting the stepper driver conventional control signal (EN, DIR, and Pulse), there is an additional control option, UART or serial. With the UART interface, it can be controlled from computer via USB to Serial bridge such as UC00A. We have even had a GUI in VB for you to test it.
SD02C is actually driving stepper motor in the bipolar method. However, since the unipolar (6-lead type) stepper motor can also be used as the bi-polar stepper motor, thus this driver can be used to drive both unipolar and bipolar stepper motor.
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[Cytron] 13Amp DC Motor Driver

Brush motor is the most used motor world wide because of the ease of operation. Just supply two terminals of brush motor with DC voltage, it will start rotating! Yet, you need a good motor driver to control the speed and direction from a microcontroller. MD10C is a great motor driver and now it is already in Revision 3. Anyway, we would like to introduce MD13S where the S stands for SMD (Surface Mount Device)

MD13S has great improvement in current protection which MD10C does not have. With new circuit and design, MD13S is able to output current to 30A max. And the continuous current is at 13A (at room temperature of 25 degrees C).

Not to forget it is GROVE compatible, so get yourself a Grove shield. Oh, did I mention? MD13S is smaller than MD10C :)

  • Bi-directional control for 1 brushed DC motor.
  • Support motor voltage ranges from  6V to 30V
  • Maximum current up to 13A continuous and 30A peak (10 seconds).
  • GROVE compatible
  • 3.3V and 5V logic level input.
  • Solid state components provide faster response time and eliminate the wear and tear of mechanical relay.
  • Fully NMOS H-Bridge for better efficiency and no heat sink is required.
  • Speed control PWM frequency up to 20KHz (Actual output frequency is same as input frequency).
  • Support both locked-antiphase and sign-magnitude PWM operation, NOT RC (Radio Control) PWM.
  • SMD compatible
  • RoHS,FCC and CE compliance product.
 Dimension: 61mm x 33mm
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[Cytron] Servo Shield (5A)

This is the 1st ever servo shield for Arduino that provide build in 5V and 5A output switching regulator.With this servo, you can supply 7V to 25V of power and it will regulate to 5V and 5A (Maximum) to power your favorite servo.

We believe the most troublesome feature of RC servo is the pulses and power. Shield-Servo offers reliable yet user friendly RC (Radio Control) Servo motor controller to hobbyist and students. Differ from SC16A and SC08A, the shield-Servo is designed to control 8 independent RC (Remote Control) Servo motors simultaneously in a single board with a built in 5V 5 Ampere switching regulator. Each Servo signal pin is able to generate Servo pulses with duty cycle from 0.5ms to 2.5ms, which is greater than the range of most Servos, further allows for Servos to operate in full range of 180 degrees. In order to get SHIELD-Servo working, an Arduino compatible main board (Arduino/Genuino UNO, Mega CT-UNO, CT-ARM, etc)  is needed and the interface is serial (UART). The shield also provide alternative control over 6 pin UART with USB to Serial converter UC00A/UC00B/UC00C or other types of microcontroller. UART interface present a flexible, fast and easy to use feature.

Specification and Features:

  • New! Now comes with UC00A/UC00C/UART interface for easier communication between the user’s circuit (or PC) and SHIELD-Servo. By using the new UART control, user can:
    • Activate each Servo independently
    • Control position for each Servo
    • Control Servo speed
  • Not  familiar  with UART communication? Fret  not,  sample source code forUART  control  is  provided  for  dsPIC30F4013  (C  language),  Arduino  and!
  • Support up to 5A (peak) and 4A(continuous) of total current.
  • Control 8channels Servo independently.
  • Able to drive Servo motor from 7V to 25V with build in 5V regulator.
  • Optional Position Reporting: User may request position of an individual Servo.
  • 5V logic level compatible inputs.
  • Independent Starting Position Command for each channel at the next start-up
  • Servo pulse range 0.5ms to 2.5ms.
  • UART baud rate are saved in the non-volatile memory (Factory default is baud rate = 9600).
  • Dimension: 7.4 cm x 6.6 cm
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MPU6050 GY521 Accelerometer and Gyro sensor for Arduino


This is 2 in 1 sensors that cosists of accelerometer and gyro which is suitable to build a quadcopter project

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5V 2 Channel Solid State Relay Module
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TEC1 12706 12V 6A TEC Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier Module

100% brand new and high quality 
Used to get ice cold or heat to boiling in a minutes, just reverse the polarity, suitable for CPU cooler, household drink cooler/warmer 
Easy to install, match with thermal silicone gel will get better effect 
One side cooling but another side heating, you need make sure the heating side have good heat dissipation to prevent the item burned 
Blank side is the heating side 
Red wire connect positive pole 
Item Type: Semiconductor Cooler 
Material: Semiconductor 
Size: 40*40*4mm/1.6*1.6*0.2in(L*W*H) 
Rated Voltage: DC12V 
Rated Current: 4.5A 
Power: 60W 
Maximum Temperature Difference: 68℃ 
Color: White                                                                                                                                                

Shipping list:1PCS* Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier Module 

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Four Way 4 Channel Infrared Detector Tracing Transmission Line Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module for Arduino Diy Car Robot

Working voltage: DC 3.3V-5V
Working current: try to choose more than 1A power supply
Working temperature: - 10oC - +50oC
Mounting aperture: M3 screws
Detection range: 1mm to 60 CM adjustable, the closer the performance more stable, white reflects the farthest distance.
Size: in the control panel of 42mm * 38mm * 12mm (length * width * height)
Small forward 25mm * 12mm * 12mm (length * width * height)
Output interface: 6 wire interface (1234 to 4 signal output ends, + positive power, - for the negative power is ground)
The output signal: TTL level (can be directly connected to I/0 microcontroller, infrared light reflected back to the sensor induction, the red indicator light, output low level; no infrared light, the indicator light does not shine, the output high.)                                                                                                                                                              

Shipping list:                                                                                                                                                                        
1 X Tracking Module (Hollow Board + Small Plate Forward)                                                                                            
12 X Male to Male Dupont Lines

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XL6009E1 XL6009 DC-DC Booster Module Power Supply Module Output Adjustable

XL6009 DC-DC Boost Regulator is a high performance step-up switching module or Non isolated boost regulator module. This module uses 2nd generation high frequency switching technology XL6009E1 core chip which is better than its predecessor LM2577.


  • Wide input voltage 3V ~ 32V, optimum input voltage range is 5 ~ 32V;
  • Wide Output voltage 5V ~ 35V , High switching frequency 400KHz
  • Built-4A efficient MOSFET switches enable efficiency up to 94%, no load current 18mA.
  • Output Ripple 50mV, higher voltage may contribute larger ripple, can be compensated by small-capacity filter capacitors, Load regulation ± 0.5%, Voltage regulation : ± 0.5%
  • Operating Temperature :-40 ? ~ +85 ?
  • Dimensions :43mm * 21mm * 14mm (L * W * H)
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